World’s conscience demanded to move to rescue Maeda al-Amuri

29 Oct 2017

Rights activists and watchdogs are appealing to the universal conscience to intervene to set the 15-year old detainee Maeda al-Amuri, free. She was arrested by the Iranian authorities and led to unkn

Iranian regime forces torture Ahwazi prisoners

07 Oct 2017

 Activists on social media sites circulated a video over the past few days featuring horrendous torture committed by Iranian regime forces against the Ahwazi political prisoners. The gruesome crime c

Iranian regime racism: Ahwazi students have no schools to go to

03 Oct 2017

The head of the Ahwaz Organization for the Defense of Human Rights Fayez Rahim warned of the policy of deliberate negligence and discrimination practiced by the Iranian regime against Ahwazi children,

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